Thursday, November 5, 2009

Even the word "blog" sounds funny...?

Well, I must say...This is by far the weirdest thing I have ever done. (Besides this one time- I ran in the basement of Porter-Terry in front of all the softball players with nothing but a mask and sticky boobs on...Another time and place for that story)

"Blog," even the word sounds funny.
Oh well, I must admit, the idea of it seems pretty interesting- Let's see what we got!

Hello- My name is Kari Bishop.
Not Goodwin you say??
No, not just yet. I have about 8 months, and counting, until I can obtain that name...legally.
Yep- just lovin' being engaged and planning the wedding... ahh such bliss.
No major responsibilities yet. Still living the good life.
Although, from what I hear, married life is just as great. I hope this is true??

As far as I go, I'm pretty simple.
I'm a 6th grade Language Arts teacher at a middle school in Franklin, TN. I enjoy being a role model for that age; they are completely "clueless" as to what or who should impact their lives.

For example: I had one girl, we'll call her Susie, tell me that she wanted to grow up and be like Brittney Spears. Quickly, I asked her, "Well," Susie," what made you want to be like her?" She responded, "Because she is famous and has a lot of money and is in magazines."
Clearly, I was dumbfounded as to how this girl made the connection that if one has money and fame he/she should be considered as a "role model."

THIS example undoubtedly showed me that in my profession, I might not have the fancy clothes, the shiny car, and the money to blow; but, I have the power to impact every one of those children's lives. Impact you say? Yes. Impact. In a positive, motivating, and eye opening way I captivate those kids just as much as the "Britney Spears" and the "Miley Cyrus'."
It is my job, as well as every teacher in the world's job, to have nothing BUT the student's best interest at hand.
Can these hollywood role models say that?
Hmm, but yet- they receive the big bank accounts and the Nike endorsements...
Soap box, Kari....?
I think so. But.... think about it.

On to my better half-
I have a WONDERFUL & LOVING fiance! His name is Joshua Thomas Goodwin, also known as, Josh.
He is my absolute best friend and mentor. He is a teacher and a coach at a high school in Plesant View, TN. His, as well as mine, ultimate desire is to become a college coach one day. I can ONLY see him being completely, utterly happy being a college coach. He has dreamed of this since he was little, and I only hope that I can encourage and push this dream to become a reality for him. He is my family now- and I want nothing but the best for him and our relationship.

Speaking of family- other additions to our family are Rex (our German Shepherd) and our cat Lexi. Rex is nine months right now, and MY GOODNESS, he is huge! He is like a dorse- a mix between and a dog and a horse. NO but really.
Lexi, on the other hand, is the weirdest cat I've ever known or met. I've never liked cats, nor was allowed to have one because I was allergic growing up, but this one has stolen my heart. She (which is actually a "he"--story-- another time another place) enjoys teasing Rex. She will paw at his tail, which then turns into a chasing match back and forth. Her running under a table, while Rex running INTO the table.
Needless to say- entertainment is ALWAYS lurking.

Speaking of entertaining- I have some of the BEST friends in the world! I will have to leave a little for the next blog so I can conjure up stories and accounts of SO many memories and experiences. I could write for hours.
But- since this is my first blog, my only other fellow bloggers are Ashley and Megan- so, shout out to you two! I'll be back for more entertaining!

Much love to those of you who choose to read this nonsense.
I am now not a blogger virgin anymore.... Thanks to Ash.
That sounded wrong.


Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture